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Turbine-X system

An original SAPPHIRE-designed PCB includes the brand-new Turbine-X system that can control up to two external PWM fans mounted inside the PC's chassis. A dedicated hardware controller on the card intelligently adjusts the speed of connected fans based on the reads from five thermal sensors included on the PCB to improve the system's overall airflow

SAPPHIRE NITRO Gear Card Support Bracket

With these NITRO + RX Vega Limited Editions, SAPPHIRE is including a useful accessory: the SAPPHIRE NITRO Gear Card Support Bracket. This elegant, black nickel-plated and heat-treated tool helps stabilize and maintain the correct position of longer graphics cards to prevent PCI-Express slot damage or PCB bending. Thanks to its smart mechanical design, the bracket doesn't require any additional space and only touches the card by a movable knob with a rubber, soft top.

Two-ball bearing

Dual ball bearings on the fan spindles ensure smooth running and long life and are designed to keep out dust. A quiet cooling solution, Two ball-bearing fan features a high-efficiency blade design.


SAPPHIRE RADEON NITRO+ 8GB/2048-bit HBM2 PCI-Express Graphics Card
  • Up to 1580 MHz Boost Clock

  • 4096 Stream Processors

  • VEGA Architecture

  • 8GB/2048-bit RAMHBM2

  • 945MHz, Effective 1500MHz Memory

  • 2 X DisplayPort + 2 X HDMI

  • Triple Fan Cooling

  • PCI Express 3.0 Interface


GPU 4096 stream Processors
14nm FinFET
5th Graphics Core Next (GCN)

1423MHz Engine Clock
1611MHz Boost Engine Clock

Memory 2048-bit Memory Bus HBM2
1500 MHz, 1800 MHz Effective
8 GB Size

Displays Maximum 4 Outputs

Output 2 x HDMI
2 x Display Port 

Cooling Triple Fan, Two ball bearing

Form Factor 3 Part Slot Occupied

310(L)X 133(W)X 54 (H) Dimension /mm

Power Consumption <850W

System Requirement 850 Watt Power Supply

  • PCI Express® 2.0 or higher version based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard in order for the card to be compatible with

  • 3 x 8-pin AUX Power Connector

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