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The powerful new Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family offers versatility across diverse workloads. These processors are designed for architecting next-generation data centers running on, software defined infrastructure supercharged for efficiency, performance, and agile services delivery across cloud-native and traditional applications. They support workloads for cloud, high-performance computing, networking, and storage.

Built on 14 nm process technology, the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v4 family offers up to 22 cores/44 threads per socket and 55 MB last-level cache (LLC) per socket for increased performance, as well as Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) for increased parallel workload performance.


Intel BX80660E52630V4 Xeon E5-2630 v4
25M Cache, 2.20 GHz Processor
  • 10-Core with Hyper-Threading Technology

  • DDR4 1600/1866/2133 supported

  • Socket FCLGA-1151

  • Instruction Set Extensions: AVX 2.0

  • AES New Instructions


CPU Socket Type LGA1151

Core Name Broadwell

# of Cores 10

# of Threads 20

Operating Frequency 2.2 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency 3.1 GHz

L2 Cache 10 x 256KB

L3 Cache 25MB

Manufacturing Tech 14nm

Hyper-Threading Support Yes

Integrated Graphics No

Memory Types DDR4 1600/1866/2133

Thermal Design Power 85W

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