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The Enermax Triathlor ETL650AWT-M ECO 80 Plus Bronze certified active internal power supply offers outstanding performance and user-friendly features. With up to 88 percent efficiency at typical loads, this power supply features quiet fan that delivers excellent heat dissipation with low noise, keeping your PSU running at peak performance. It supplies reliable 650 W output for your computer system. This power supply features advanced multiple protection circuitries to secure your system against electrical damages. With hybrid modular design, this power supply facilitates system installation, reduce cable clutter and enhance internal airflow as well as cooling performance.


Enermax ETL650AWT-M Triathlor ECO  650W ATX12 Power Supply

- 82PLUS ready!

- Hybrid modular & 100% flexible flat cable design

- Durable two ball bearing fan 

- Intel Haswell support

- HeatGuard

  • Connections: 20 + 4-pin ATX motherboard, 4 + 4-pin ATX12V CPU, 4 x 6 + 2-pin PCI-E, 8 x serial ATA, 4 x LP4 peripheral device, SP4 floppy drive

  • Input voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 47/63 Hz, active PFC, Input current: 10 - 5 A, Power: 650 W, 715 W

  • Output voltage: 3.3/5/+12/-12 V, Output current: 20 A at 3.3/5 V, 50 A at 12 V, 0.3 A at -12 V, 2.5 A at 5 VDC

  • Offers 82 - 88 percent efficiency at 20 - 100 percent load and compliant with 80 plus bronze efficiency requirements

  • Facilitate system installation, reduces cable clutter and enhances internal airflow and cooling performance

  • Durable two ball bearing fan with advanced fan speed control for optimal cooling, minimum noise and longer lifetime

  • Highest component standards for maximum durability and stability

  • Advanced fan speed control for optimal cooling and minimum noise

  • Keep PSU fan running for 30 - 60 secs after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolong system lifetime

  • Temperature: 40 deg C ambient

  • Meets CE, CCC, FCC, RoHS standards and certifications

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